Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Here we have Adam in his cast...

This is what his cast looks like now...

I had to take him back to the orthopaedics office yesterday to get a new cast. A lot of the lining/padding under the cast had come out, so now he has a bright green cast instead of a blue one. 16 more days.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Long Weekend

Joel had midterms last week, which he finished on Thursday afternoon, so he had Friday off! He didn't have any new material to study, so we actually had a nice long weekend with Joel. We decided to go to a movie and then dinner on Thursday. It was great to go on a date with the hubs; it's been awhile since we've been able to really spend any time with each other. And thank you to my sister and her husband for watching our kids for us!

We went to see Robin Hood-the new one with Russel Crow. I would recommend it. I'm always a fan of Russel Crow, especially when he's being tough and kicking some tush. (Now might be the time to mention that Gladiator is one of my favorite movies) After the movie we went to Texas Roadhouse for some grub. While we were eating, a guy came over and asked us if we might want a balloon flower. Strange? Joel told him yes, and here is my lovely rose...

We spent part of our free time this weekend writing talks, because we were asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. We also watched a lot of movies- some good, some not so good. On Saturday evening I had run to the mall because I needed a new shirt to wear on Sunday. Right when I got there Joel called me and said, "I think Adam broke his foot." I thought maybe he wasn't being serious at first, but he was. Adam had jumped off of Jenna's bed and landed strangely. We've had other broken bone scares, so we decided to give him some ibuprofen and keep him off of it for a bit, and if it still hurt we would take him in for an x-ray.

By the time I got home he was still in pain, and even if he was distracted and you just touched his foot he would scream. So Joel took him to a nighttime pediatric urgent care facility for some x-rays, and low and behold, he has a small fracture in his third metatarsal. It's hard to see in the x-ray below, but if you click on it to enlarge it you can see the fracture.

They put him in a splint, and we need to get him casted at the end of the week. That brings up a whole other can of worms that has to do with insurance that I won't get into. I'll just say it is beyond frustrating, and we've already spent more money on this broken foot than on everything involved with his burn.

Adam is doing fine and he doesn't seem to be in much pain anymore. He can't walk, so he scoots around on his bum or crawls when he isn't being carried. I am really praying that he will be done getting hurt soon! If he keeps up at this pace, we will be in big trouble.

p.s. Our talks in church went well, and we also got callings. We will be teaching the Valiant 8 class together. :)