Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to everyone! Our Halloween is pretty much over already because we did all of the Halloween activities yesterday and don't have anything planned for today! :) The kids both wore their costumes to school for parades and parties. Here's Will before school yesterday. (We didn't have time to snap a pic of Jen) Can you tell who he was? ...
Well, of course he was Albert Einstein! He was the cutest Albert I've ever seen, for sure. He didn't love the mustache and he wouldn't wear it at school. Oh well.

In the evening we headed to the church for the trunk-or-treat. It was pretty chilly, but we all survived. :) There weren't as many people there as I've seen in years past, but the kids still got a nice load of candy.

Getting ready

And here are the final products! A tiger, a Mummy, and Albert Einstein! Jenna's costume had some issues with staying in place. If we ever do a mummy again we will use a different technique. She was falling apart much sooner than expected. But she looked cute/scary while it lasted. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We were in Lovell for a quick trip over part of the weekend (more about that later), and I found a few pictures of Joel as a little boy. Now, I always knew that Adam looked like Joel. It's pretty obvious to everyone. But I found a few pictures of Joel at Adam's age, and I thought the resemblance was just crazy! I wish I could find pictures of Adam that would really show the similarities. I think anyone that knows Adam can look at those pictures of Joel and really see what I'm talking about! Here's Adam...

And here's Joel...

Adam again...

So can you tell who's who? I'm sure you can, but I just had to share!!!

Now about our trip to Lovell:

Joel had an interview at Rocky Mountain College in Billings for the Physician's Assistant Program on Friday the 23rd. The plan was for Joel to take the boys up to Lovell and they would stay with his Mom while he went to Billings for the interview. I was going to stay in Laramie with Jenna because there were things that needed to be done here. Well, Joel kept asking me to come with him and I kept telling him that I needed to stay home. On Wednesday night when Joel was at work and I was, of course, missing him, I decided that it would be more important for me to go with Joel and support him than to do the things at home. Thursday morning I packed up the rest of the family and we all went to Lovell together.
All of the kids stayed with Joel's Mom on Friday and I went to Billings with him. He was really nervous about the interview; it's his first grad school interview. Even though I wasn't able to really help him at all, I think he liked knowing that I was nearby.
The interview seemed to go well. From what Joel told me they seemed to really like him and they were impressed with his application. They told him that they would try to let people know if it was a "yes" or "no" by Tuesday. They must have really been on the ball because last night we got the official letter of acceptance into the PA Program! We are so excited, and I am so proud of Joel! It is definitely a relief to have an acceptance, but the road is definitely still long!
Because he was accepted to Rocky Mnt, Joel decided to turn down his interviews in Maine and Connecticut. For one, we don't need the added expense of getting out there. Two, we don't plan to go out there for school anymore, so we think it's unfair for Joel to take up an interview spot when that would be taking away someone else's opportunity. We are pretty bummed because we really wanted to go to Maine just for fun. But we can do that another time. :)
Right now Joel is waitlisted to interview at the University of Utah PA program (they are ranked #4 in the country, so we were SUPER excited to even have the possibility to interview!), and he has an interview scheduled at AT Still University in Mesa, AZ in December. It is all a bit overwhelming, but we are really happy with how things are turning out. We aren't 100% sure where we are going to end up at this point, but we are excited about what the future will bring!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday Time

It's birthday time again. We have a lot of birthdays late in the year, so there will be more birthday posts to come!

Will is FIVE years old! I was just looking back to the post when he turned four, and it really doesn't seem like that was a year ago. But time marches on, and our little boy is not so little anymore. (Joel measured him this morning and he was a good two inches taller than he was just a few months ago!)

After having cinnamon rolls for breakfast we opened presents when Joel got home from work in the morning...

I think he's deciding what kind of fun stuff to buy with his money!

Showing off his tooth pillow from Grandma K.

He was excited to get Peggle, one of his favorite computer games.

He got a couch of his own, and it even has roads to drive his cars on.
We didn't to anything too out of the ordinary because it was a Sunday. After church we had the Bades over for dinner and ice cream cake. Here are the kids anxiously waiting for the candles to be lit...

We are so happy to have Will in our family. He's a great boy, and he makes our home more fun and entertaining. I am continually amazed by how smart he is. We love you, William!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today we were all piling into the van so I could take the kids to school. I asked Will to close the van door since he was the last one in (you just have to push a button). He looked back at the door and said, "Why do I have to do everything?!?" Oh that boy! If only he knew!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Holy Bags!

We keep all of our Walmart/plastic bags that we get so that we can recycle them. We just put them in the cupboard under the sink and every few months I pull them out and take them to the recycle bins at Walmart. Well, I've waited a little longer than normal and the bags were getting out of control under there! Joel decided that he wanted to count them last night, and this is what it looked like when he pulled them all out!
Time to recycle, I'd say! In case you're wondering, Joel counted 227 bags, give or take a few. :)