Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I don't think I've ever actually admitted this on my blog, although most of you surely know. My name is Sarah, and I am a Twihard.

It all started in November of 2008. A friend of mine was having a "Twilight" party; dinner at her house, then to the movie. I decided to go, although I didn't really want to see the movie. I hadn't read the books, and the commercials for the movie gave me the impression that it was not something I would be interested in. But I wanted to go hang out and have fun, so I went to the party for that reason.

I enjoyed the movie, even though I hadn't read the book. I think I may have actually enjoyed it MORE because I hadn't read it, so I didn't see all of the flaws in it. I liked it enough, and was intrigued by the characters enough, that I decided I had better read the books. I devoured them in no time, and loved every minute of it. Of course then I had to see the movie again, and then I saw all that was wrong with the movie (although I still liked it).

That's where the story begins. November of 2009 I went to my first midnight show to see New Moon, and I liked it much better than Twilight.

Last night my sisters Mary and Amy and I went to Eclipse in IMAX. They picked me up and we headed over to the theater to see how long the line was. The lady told us it wasn't very long, so we went to Walmart for snacks, then Rubio's for some quick dinner (and it was quite tasty). From there is was time to just wait in line. We entertained ourselves with playing some Phase 10 for awhile, and then decided to grab some Bahama Bucks. Mary and I ran over and got some while Amy held our place in line. Let me just say, it was YUMMY!

Above: Amy with her ticket, very excited!

Below: Hanging out on the floor of the lobby. There was no way we were standing for two and a half hours.

We were happy to be moving when they opened the theater at 11, and we got pretty decent seats. Not long after we got in the power went out, and I'll admit I was a little worried. It came on soon after, though, so I figured there wouldn't be a problem. In the meantime someone had blown up a beach ball and people were tossing it about, throwing it around the crowd. Some people weren't so amused, and it ended up that a lady right behind us took the ball and put it down by her legs. (I didn't mind, the people playing with the ball were pretty obnoxious). Some girl came to get it from her and just stood there, right in front of her (and behind me) for a couple of minutes. The lady that took the ball didn't even acknowledge her! I was uncomfortable just being near the situation! After a few minutes the girl gave up and went away, and then a different person got up and took the ball out. The whole time there were shouts of "give it back!", and "beach ball, beach ball!" A bunch of people booed when the girl took the ball out, and some cheered. Whew, it was too much tension for my taste!

At midnight we expected the previews to come on, but no luck. After 15 minutes I wend out to ask an incredibly uninformed theater employee what was going on. He didn't know. Apparently when the power went out it messed something up, so they were trying to fix it. At 12:20 the movie finally started, and the potentially angry mob was appeased.

About the movie, I will simply say that I enjoyed it immensely. I thought it was definitely the best so far, and they did a good job with the amount of time they had to work with.

So now you have it; my confession. I like Twilight. I love Twilight. The books are delectable pieces of words, ready for devouring. I will not be ashamed. :)

P.S. I just want you all to know that while I am a fan, I am NOT the fan with the Edward shirt, and the Jacob bag, and all that other paraphernalia. I was one of the normal looking people in line! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not exciting

Well, we are anything but exciting here. Joel was making fun of me for not posting, but I really just don't have much to post about. So I'm betting this post is going to be a lot of random thoughts and events thrown together. (Don't say you weren't warned)

Things in AZ are going well. We are basically settled in to our house, although there still isn't anything hanging on the walls. Hopefully that will be somewhat taken care of tomorrow. It is definitely hot (duh) but I think we are all getting used to it. I have enjoyed having a Costco card, though I've found it to be quite a dangerous thing. It's so easy to get carried away with all of the great deals. Before you know it you wind up at the register spending triple what you planned.

My sister, Adrienne, came to town last week. I didn't see her as much as I get to when she stays with me (obviously), but all us girls were able to get together often and it was always a blast. The highlights, I thought, were lounging around my sister Laura's room listening to some new music, and watching North & South. (If you haven't seen it, watch it. It's based on the book by Elizabeth Gaskell. BBC is awesome.) Anyway... I also enjoyed the game playing at Rachel's house. And my nephew's birthday party. And swimming. Okay, so I enjoyed it all.

Joel started school last week and he's already crazy busy. When he's not at school he's mostly studying. It's most definitely going to be a busy two years for him, but he will certainly learn a lot.

We've enjoyed the two Sundays that we've gone to our new ward. Everyone we've come in contact with has been very friendly and welcoming. It's a huge ward, and I doubt we'll get to know everyone before we move. We look forward to getting to know people, though, and getting involved in the ward.

Adam is doing well; healing well. We are finally (FINALLY!!!) to a point where he doesn't have any more dressings, of any kind, and all of his skin is closed up. He now just wears his compression shorts. We try to keep him moisturized so the scars will be supple, and so he doesn't itch too much. But we can't keep his skin too moist or he breaks out in red spots (yeast infection). It hasn't been too hard to find that balance, though. We are so pleased with his progress.

I think that pretty much covers it. Next week I am looking forward to seeing my fist IMAX movie with a few of my sistas. It should be a great time, and a late night (or should I say early morning?). Good times. Hopefully I'll remember to snap a few pics so I can post about it. ;)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Goodbye, WY

Well, we officially live in Arizona now. It is an extremely bittersweet thing, as everyone close to us knows. We love Wyoming, and we love Laramie.

We actually left WY Saturday morning. My sister, Cindy, drove our pick-up down for us, so we were a three-car caravan. We were able to fit all our our belongings is a large yellow Penske truck, but we did fill it up quite full!

Saying goodbye to friends and family on Saturday morning was by far the hardest part of the whole deal. Even though I knew we needed to get on the road, I wanted to keep postponing our departure because I just didn't want to leave! After many tears and many hugs, we did finally pull out of town.

The trip itself went fairly well with little to no problems. We took two days to come down, staying Saturday night in Bernalillo, NM. We got to our new house Sunday evening around 5 and were welcomed by much family. Thanks to them we got the truck unloaded in no time! We also got beds set up and the large things brought into the house.

Everyday since then has been busy with unpacking and the many things that need to be done when one moves. We've gotten internet set up (obviously), registered the kids for school, bought a washer and dryer, and done approximately one million other things that needed done. We are very close to being done with the actual unpacking. We only have a few random boxes that need to be unpacked. There is still organizing and some moving around of things that needs to be done, so we're still keeping busy.

We are enjoying the new house, although is has a few quirks, as all houses do. It's been nice to have a garage, albeit a small one. We can get both cars in it, but there isn't much room to spare. I like that we are on one level; it's saved a lot of leg work. And of course, it's great to not share walls with anyone.

In Adam news, he is doing well and healing wonderfully, overall. We received his burn garment and he's been wearing it at all times, except for bath time. His right leg still has some ulcerations on it that need to heal, but I think those are coming along slowly but surely. His side looks absolutely amazing. Below is a picture Joel took on his phone this morning.

As you can see, there is only one small spot of scab. The parts that look pink in the picture are actually a little darker, for some reason the picture seems to bleach it out a little. The darker pink by the scab is a thicker scar. He's still sensitive on his side, but not as much as he used to be. We have to rub ointments on him every day, and he fights us a little less than he did before.

His donor sites are also looking wonderful. Those are completely healed and they don't bother him at all. As soon as we can get his right leg healed up he will be good to go!

Jenna and Will are also doing well. They've handled the move very well, so far. Jenna was sad when we left Laramie, but I think part of that was her seeing how sad I was. She came with me when I returned the paperwork to her new school for registration, and she was excited about going there. The playground looks fun, and the school looks nice. I think/hope that she and Will both have a good and positive experience at that school.

Joel starts school on the 14th, although orientation is next week. He is definitely nervous about the whole thing, but I know he'll be great. I think he'll be happy to get back to school and back to learning. I'm excited for him to start this new phase, and I'm so proud of him for all the work he's done to get here!