Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pinewood Derby

This nine year old and his Dad worked very hard on a pinewood derby car that looks like a cheetah. And that hard work ended up earning said nine year old a third place trophy! Will was excited to get a trophy, and we were happy that he had a good time! 


A few weeks ago we decided it was time to take a trip to Laramie to see our friends, the Bades! We'd had a bit of stomach illness going around our family, but we seemed to be fine Saturday morning, so we braved it. Unfortunately for me, Saturday seemed to be my day to be sick. On the up side I never did throw up, but I spent basically the entire day laying on the Bade's couch being useless, but I had a great time doing it! I got to hang out with my bff, so how could it get better? Well, for being sick, I guess.

Joel, Chad, and Dane went golfing Saturday afternoon in Cheyenne, so they were gone for most of the day. When they got back Sarah and I went out for dinner at Sweet  Melissa's, as always. I was feeling pretty brave, considering how lousy I'd been feeling all day, but I ended up feeling okay and even able to eat a bit.

Sunday we went to church with them, and when we got home the road report was not good. It continued to get worse, and we were literally stuck in Laramie. Interstate closed. Now, I would say we were sad that we couldn't go home that day, but that would be a huge lie. Especially since I started feeling better and could actually eat, walk around, and feel generally normal. So we stayed Sunday night and most of Monday, and we made it home without incident on Monday. 

Unfortunately for the Bades, we were not all done with our illness like we thought, and two of my kids threw up while at their house. And after we left some of the Bades got sick. Curse us! But I'm still so glad we got to see them and spend time with them! Our kids had so much fun together. We got a quick picture before we left on Monday. How is it possible that we have eight kids between our families!? One of my favorite things was listening to all the kids talking during dinner. They were discussing the fact that they aren't just friends, and aren't just cousins, they are friends AND cousins. I thought that was great!!! Thanks for having us, Bades!

Monday, April 28, 2014


Over the last month and a half or so we've been lucky to have some family come and visit us! 

First it was Dane, and he came over for a weekend during his spring break. It was great having him here, and of course the kids loved it! This is one of the only pictures I took that weekend. He was showing the boys something about his watch, I guess, and Audrey was interested, too. 

The following weekend Erin and Mycheal came for a visit! Mycheal had a race in Rock Springs that weekend, so they came and stayed with us. It didn't seem long enough, but it was good to see them while they were here. Erin snapped this picture with my girls. Three beauties!

Then a few weeks later, on conference weekend, Grandma R came and brought Gavin and Kelvin. I really fell down on the job and didn't get any pictures of the cousins playing. I did snap this beauty though, of Audrey in her diaper, jacket, and boots, ready to help Grandma take out the garbage. Fun, fun!

Just last weekend, Easter weekend, my Mom and Bill came through town on their way back North for the summer. They got here Saturday evening and left Monday morning. It was great fun having them here for Easter, and I even remembered to snap a picture of them with the kids before they left Monday morning.

 We're so thankful for family, and feel so blessed to get to spend time with them. We love and appreciate them all so much!


Joel and I have been married for 12 years! March 29th was our anniversary. It's been an amazing 12 years, with all sorts of ups and downs. Mostly ups, I'd say. I wouldn't choose to be married to anyone else, and I know Joel feels the same way. Happy Anniversary!