Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday, William, Dear

Yesterday our little (or not so little) William turned six years old! I definitely can't believe how fast he's growing up! He got a pretty cool crown at school.

Will was lucky enough to have a lot of family come over to celebrate his birthday with him! Not only our family here in the valley, but Grandma and Grandpa K as well as Aunt Cindy. Our house was full and we loved it!

Will was excited to finally get to rip into his presents. Here he is reading his card from Grandma R...

Joel and I decided to get Will his own atlas. Joel's is getting a little beat up. Will takes pretty good care of it, but then he'll leave it down on the floor and Adam will mess with it. So we are hoping that if Will has his own, Joel's atlas will last a little longer. I think Will likes it...

He also got a new (to him) bike! He's going to have to learn to ride with no training wheels (it's a little late, I know, but we haven't had a working bike that was his size for a few years, so he just rode his scooter).
He got a lot of other super cool presents! He hasn't even had a chance to really play with a lot of them, so I'm sure that's what he'll do as soon as he gets home from school today. :)

After presents we did cake and ice cream. Unfortunately I got a little ahead of myself and started cutting the cake before we did candles and sang happy birthday! Oops! But I will say that out family does one heck of a rendition of the Birthday Song! William has probably not had such a wonderful, boisterous, harmonized, energetic version of Happy Birthday sung to him in his life. I love my family!

After the food (a chocolate bundt cake, a pumpkin cheesecake, caramel turtle cheesecake Blue Bell ice cream, and regular chocolate and vanilla Blue Bell ice cream) Joel and Will got right down to business. :)

Enjoying one another's company...

Aunt Cindy and the birthday boy

There are a lot of wonderful things about William! He is definitely smart, and he continually amazes us with the things he knows. He likes to joke around and tease, and he's always making us laugh. He is one of the best cuddlers I know; I love his hugs and kisses. He loves to play with Jenna AND Adam, and even though he tortures him sometimes (and a lot of the time Adam deserves it) they still have a lot of fun together. We are so blessed to have William in our family!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Long time no post

I haven't posted in over a month! But I have a good reason: there hasn't really been anything going on with us. :) But I've found a few things to blog about. First is the kids' school pictures. I will say that I'm not overly impressed by them, but they aren't bad. We didn't get to pick out background color or pose or anything like that. I think Will looks super cute, as always. I think Jenna's picture is okay, but it doesn't entirely look like her. She thinks her face looks crooked, and I see what she means. On top of that they did pictures after recess, so her hair was a little messed up. What I'm getting at is that the picture didn't capture was a gorgeous girl she is! (Although that's not shocking for school pics, eh?)

This week the kids have fall break; an entire week with no school! We started the week off with a new haircut for Jenna on Monday. This was her first "real" haircut; I've done all of her cuts before this. It was fun to watch her get it cut. She looked like such a little lady. She's got a cute little bob with some layers.

Yesterday we went to an indoor amusement park. A friend gave us a tip and we were able to get $1 wristbands for everyone! The kids had fun riding all the rides and playing in the giant play area. Joel and I rode a few rides with the kids, as well. Will was even a trooper and wasn't scared about going on any of the rides. (A few years ago he rode one ride at the carnival and they had to stop it because he was screaming his head off.) They had a great time!

For some reason we weren't able to get any good pictures from Joel's phone (I forgot the real camera), and we tried to take a few of the kids while they were on the rides, but they were moving too fast!

Here you can kind of see Jenna's new haircut! Fun!

Hangin' out with the hippo.
I got Will to hold still just long enough to snap this one.
Adam wouldn't go down to slide, so Joel was trying to coax him down. A nice shot, right?

Finally Joel made Jenna just push Adam down the slide! Aren't we nice parents!? He didn't mind too much once he got to the bottom.
I think the kids are enjoying their fall break and all of the playing they are doing. Next week we get to look forward to seeing some family from out of town AND William's birthday! We can't wait!

We got a nice surprise in the mail yesterday. A manila envelope from the Army. I'll admit, I had a little "yikes" moment like I do when we get anything official looking from the Army. Last month- September 11th, to be exact- Joel's obligation to the Army was done. Finished. The End. But I didn't feel as relieved as I thought I would on that day. I realized that it was because I knew he was done, and Joel knew he was done, but I wasn't positive that the Army knew he was done. Let's face it, there is a lot of paperwork involved in anything dealing with the government, and plenty of room for error. I was still worried that next week or next month we would get some letter or phone call saying "Joel, you're being deployed again." And we would say, "But he's done!" and they would say, "No he's not."

So imagine my relief when I opened the manila envelope to find this...

There it is, in writing! Joel is honorably discharged from the Army National Guard! I know that Joel felt bittersweet about it, but my only emotion was pure, unadulterated relief. I don't regret Joel's time in the NG, and I know he doesn't either. They paid for his college degree, and both of us learned a lot in that year he was deployed. But that doesn't mean I want to repeat it! Knowing that that dreaded phone call or letter won't come is such a wonderful feeling!