Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Birthday, Joel!

Happy Birthday to Joel! Another birthday in the books. Joel opened his present before work, but all the pictures I took of that were blurry. But he got a new tablet, a Galazy Tab, which has been a lot of fun and he seems to like it so far. 

I found out from a friend that the wonderful doughnut shop in Rock Springs makes doughnut cakes, and I just had to get one for Joel for his birthday! It was a huge hit, and super delicious. Who wouldn't love a huge doughnut? Happy Birthday, Joel!

Fun Times

Audrey insisted on going outside to play in the snow after we had what was probably our first real snow of the season. She was so cute, and enjoying the snow so much, I snapped some quick pictures. She loved throwing the snow up in the air.

Of course, playing in the snow makes for one cold little girl, and a bubble bath is the perfect solution.

We went to Vernal for our Stake temple day in November, and after Joel and I went to the temple in the morning we all enjoyed a great lunch at Cafe Rio, and then the kids had fun running around a park. We also spotted an elk on the side of the road on the way there. Fun stuff!


For Halloween this year we had a purple princess, an evil purple minion, and a good yellow minion. They sure are cute!