Friday, February 22, 2013

Welcome Home

We were very happy to welcome home my Mom and Bill from their mission in Utica, NY! Well, actually they got home about a week before we went up to Lovell to see them, but close enough. The kids and I headed up Friday morning so we could travel in the daylight, and Joel followed when he got off of work Friday evening.

We had a lovely time in Lovell, although it never feels like we get to stay long enough or visit enough. Some of the highlights were the family dinner at my Mom's house Saturday evening, Jenna learning how to do calligraphy from Cindy and crochet from Grandma K, listening to my Mom and Bill speak in church on Sunday, dinner with the Robertsons Monday evening for Dane's birthday, visiting with Joel's Grandma Flash Sunday morning, seeing his Grandma Asay for a bit at church, and generally hanging out and being with the fam.

When we got there on Friday I handed Audrey to Grandpa K, and I hurried to snap a picture before she was in a full-out cry. You can tell she's not too happy about what's going on, and her bottom lip was just about to stick out in protest.

Showing off what each of them were working on.

Monday evening while all of the Robertsons were at Brenda and Roland's house we heard some beautiful singing coming from the front of the house. We found Jenna singing with her cousin under the piano. It was so sweet!

I couldn't get Gavin to look at me. :)

Tuesday morning when I stopped by to say goodbye to Mom, Bill and Cindy, Audrey sat on Grandma's lap for a few minutes without crying. We had to get evidence!

And I'm glad we got this picture, but I wish Bill and Joel had been in it!

We had an uneventful drive home on Tuesday, but we can't say the same for Joel. He left Sunday evening so he could get back to work Monday morning. He made it to Lander, then called me to check the road report because he said it was a near white out. Well, chain-law was in effect over South Pass. Not only does Joel not have chains, he has a very light truck that has trouble getting traction on anything beside a dry, flat road. So he stayed in a hotel that night and tried his luck early Monday morning. He didn't make it very far before it was obvious his truck wasn't going to make it up South Pass. He turned around and went back to Lander. He bought some sandbags to put in the back of his truck, and between that and the time the sun had to shine on the road, he was able to make it up. He even made it home in time to work Monday afternoon. We were just happy he was safe!