Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pretty Girl

If Audrey had her choice, this is the outfit she would have worn to church this past Sunday! I think the shoes and that headband are my favorite. She did it all by herself. It was certainly a look!


Awhile back Joel started playing this old game on him computer. I don't remember what it's called. It's the one where you try to blow other players up with missiles and stuff. The kids love it, and Joel now has it on his kindle. The boys especially love it!

Also, Audrey loves this brain puzzle thing that Joel brought home from work awhile ago. She takes it apart and puts it together. I think she even has names for some of the pieces. It's pretty cute. :)


The day after Valentine's day, a Sunday morning, the boys were taking a shower when we heard some terrible screams. Turns out Adam had pushed Will in the extremely slippery tub, and Will hit his face on the side of the tub. Ouch! By the time I got to the scene, the bottom of the tub was full of bloody water. It was quite a site. After Joel cleaned him up a bit (and I ran Adam into our shower so he could rinse the soap off his head), we could see the blood wasn't only coming from his nose, but from his forehead as well. Joel decided he needed some stitches, so he ran him up to the clinic and put three stitches in the cut. (It's so  nice that he can do that!)

We were also worried that his nose was broken, and we planned to take him in the next day for x-rays. However, the next day it didn't seem to be broken, so we skipped the x-ray. As you can imagine, Will screamed pretty loud and long when it happened, and the tears did flow for awhile. By the time he got to the clinic, Joel said he was mostly just asking questions about what Joel was going to do. He was a champ for the stitches, and Joel numbed it enough that Will didn't really complain about it for the rest of the day.

Another nice thing is that Joel was able to take the stitches out at home. It looks like Will might have a small scar from it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it fades completely away over the next few years.

I do believe that these are the first stitches any of our children have had. Surprising, yes! There were probably a few times that stitches could have been helpful, but we didn't go get them. Congrats on having that first, Will. :)

Valentine's Day

Joel and I don't usually do much for Valentine's Day, but we did this year! Our stake put on a big dance for Valentine's Day, and a couple from our ward gave ballroom dancing lessons each Saturday leading up to the dance. Joel and I went to most of the lessons, and had a great time! We aren't necessarily the best dancers in the world, but it was fun to do together, and I think we did learn a few things. 

Valentine's Day was on a Saturday this year. Before the dance we went to dinner with a group of friends. We had to take a picture of us ladies, all dressed up!

The dance was so much fun! They had a room with so much delicious food. The stake president's wife is a photographer and she so generously took pictures of any couple who wanted pictures, for free!

There was live music, and Joel and I danced the night away! :) I did learn a valuable lesson, which was that my high heels are NOT dancing shoes. We hope the stake will do this again next year. It was fun to dress up and feel a little fancy for a night.