Saturday, September 6, 2014

Temple Open House

We were blessed to be able to attend the Ogden Temple Open House this weekend. I hadn't been to a temple open house as an adult, and none of our kids had been to one at all. I was so happy that our kids could go see the inside of a temple. I'm not sure they fully appreciated it. Adam in particular wasn't excited about being quiet. But all of the kids did a good job at being reverent when they needed to. 

The temple was so beautiful (what temple isn't?). We were especially impressed by the windows, the celestial room, and really just the overall style of it. They had two beautiful water features outside, and those were probably the kids' favorite things. 

It was a beautiful day. You might notice some squinting in the pictures. Sometimes it was hard to keep our eyes open, it was so bright! We are happy that we had to opportunity to see this beautiful temple!