Monday, April 4, 2016


One morning at the end of March we woke up to rain, which turned into a sort of sleety mixture, which turned into huge, wet snowflakes. We got around four inches in two hours or so. Thankfully it stopped, so Audrey and I could go out and build a snowman! It was the perfect snow for it. Audrey was a great helper! After the snowman was made, we decided to make a snow chair. When the kids got home from school, Will made three more small snowmen to go with our slightly larger snowman, with Audrey's help.

 Holding hands with the snowman.

 Hugging the snowman. She really loved that guy.

 Sitting on the snow chair.

Audrey wanted to take a picture of me sitting on the snow chair, and this is the picture she took. I like it better than me on the snow chair!

Our snowman was already looking a little worse for wear by the time the kids got home. But we ended up with a nice little snow family.


The Friday of Spring Break we went Bowling. Jenna had an orthodontist appointment that afternoon, so we didn't do much else. None of us had a very good game, but we still had a fun time being together. Audrey was a little tired from the busy day the day before, and she would go lay down when it wasn't her turn to bowl. She was pretty dramatic about it. It was entertaining.

SLC for a Day

Over the kids spring break Joel took Thursday and Friday off work, so we took advantage and went to Salt Lake for a day. First we headed to the Aquarium. It was so much fun, and had lots of great stuff to see. I think all of the kids enjoyed it immensely. My favorite thing was probably the shark tank (which I didn't get any pictures of). The huge fish were great as well, and the kids seemed to like the penguins and sea otters.

After the aquarium we ate lunch at In & Out, walked around Kohl's, ate dessert at Kneader's, then spent some very enjoyable time at IKEA. I am the only one who's ever been, so it was new for Joel and the kids. We could have spend even more time there, but we left so we could go to trampoline park. I didn't post any of the pictures from there because, believe it or not, they were pretty much all blurry! We had a fun time, and the kids really liked it. It was a great day!

Ice Skating

Since Jenna and Will got to go ice skating earlier this year, Adam has been dying to try his skills in the rink. So over Spring Break we took everyone ice skating. Even Audrey strapped on some ice skates are tried her best. It was a fun time. I was pretty shaky at first; it's been many years since I've ice skated. Jenna and Will weren't bad. Adam was determined and fearless, so he fell down a lot. He was not content to stay by the wall so he had something to hold on to. But he never quit, so while he came home with quite a few bruises, he was not too bad at skating by the time we got done. Audrey had to hold someone's hands the whole time, and she always wanted that to be Joel. It was obvious even to a three year old that Joel is much, much better than me on skates. We all had a good time!

Fun With Hair

On Spring Break I asked Jenna if she would let me curl her hair- something I haven't done in probably a couple of years- and she said yes. So we had some fun playing with her hair. She also let me do her make up. Isn't she beautiful!? A few days later we experimented with her natural curl. It turns out she doesn't have a ton, so we had to supplement with the curling iron. But it still turned out super cute. 

Reading and a Haircut

We changed Audrey's room a bit, with a bigger bed and dresser. She decided that the top of her dresser would be the perfect reading spot. Silly goose! She only did it that one time, so I'm glad I got some pictures.

Also, Audrey had her FIRST HAIRCUT EVER in March. Can you believe it!? I only took a tiny bit off the ends, and it's pretty hard to tell in the picture (or in person, if you aren't me), but I had to document her very first haircut. She was not excited about the idea, and she was worried it would hurt. She stopped crying after the first snip when she realized she couldn't feel a thing.

5K and a Ball

The day before Valentine's Day Joel and I decided to run the Frostbite 5k here in Green River. It was actually a lovely day and we didn't get any frostbite. That same evening we celebrated Valentine's Day early by going to our Stake Valentine's Day Ball. We went out to dinner with friends first, then cut a rug on the dance floor. It was a lot of fun!

 My friends Erin and Rachel also ran the 5k. Above is before the race. Below is after. Mark Gibson from our ward also did the 5k. Go 6th ward!

Pictures from the Ball!

A Few Random Things

Here's a few random pictures from the beginning of the year. Enjoying some sandwiches at Jimmy John's, bowling, and Jenna and Will ice skating for mutual. (No, Will's not old enough to go to mutual, but Joel took him along for fun.)