Monday, September 10, 2012

Random things

This post will be mostly pictures with a  little explanation.

There are deer all over the place here in Green River. There's a grop of around 5 or 6 deer, I think, that live right by our townhouse. They are always in our back yard or in the street, or in this case right by our neighbor's front door.

 There are also a lot of walking paths around town. We took a walk by the river, and Adam borrowed Joel's sunglasses for "sun block".

 The weekend before last we took a quick tri p up to the Lovell area. We got there late Thursday, and on Friday we had lunch at Minchow's Food Court, played at the park, and went out to the cemetery.

Joel and his brothers went golfing Saturday morning. Joel was this close to a hole-in-one.

 Grandma Flash came over Saturday to see miss Audrey. Jenna was showing her off. Audrey was a little cranky at first,but then she fell asleep and let G Flash hold her and we had a lovely visit.

Saturday evening Brenda made pizza and all of Joel's siblings and their families came over for dinner. Dane was eating out on the deck with the kids and it was too cute not to take a picture.

We were all there for a family picture. Fun!! After the picture the boys started throwing a football around the kids were chasing and tackling each other. It was a lot of fun to watch, and the kids had so much fun running around. I wish I had some pictures of that.

Sunday afternoon we were able to go visit my Aunt Barbara, and we even got to chat with my Aunt Elaine and Uncle Allen for a bit. I was sad I didn't get to see them more, but I look forward to seeing them more often now that we live closer.

Sunday evening we all got together for dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Asay's house. After dinner the kids were all outside playing and Jenna found this snake. She thought it was so awesome! The kids all had fun touching it.

We came home Monday, which was Labor Day. It is nice being only a 5.5 hour drive away from Lovell and our family up there!

Here's the sunset from our front door in Green River.

Last Friday Jenna got to spend the afternoon and evening at my cousin's house, playing with her second cousins. Here she is with Allison, Isabel, and little Amelia. She had so much fun!

And here's a picture of a smiling Audrey. She's a sweetheart!