Monday, February 20, 2012

Lots of Random Stuff

Even though it's been awhile since I've posted, I don't feel like there's a whole lot to post about. However, there's some random pictures that I want to put up from the last month or two. 

These first pictures are from the sing-a-long we had at Laura's house before Christmas. They didn't make it into the 2011 blog book, so they can be first in 2012. We had to get a picture of the sisters that were there; unfortunately we were missing Cindy.

As I mentioned before, we are expecting baby number four! I had an ultrasound on January 5th just to double check my due date (July 8th). It was so fun to get a glimpse of our baby!

Here's my first baby bump picture. Obviously, I was fourteen weeks.

Probably about a month ago Will was playing on my ipod and Adam was watching. It was adorable how he was resting his head on Will's shoulder. These boys really do love each other.

One Sunday Joel decided that he wanted some pictures with his boys. They were all looking so handsome!!

A few weeks after that Jenna and I accidentally matched our outfits for church. I thought we'd better snap a picture.

Then on to the next baby bump pic. I was 18 weeks in this photo.

On February 13th I had my second ultrasound when they did all of the measuring.  We were also lucky enough to find out that our baby is going to be a GIRL! Everything also looked very normal and healthy. All of the measurements were right on, and they estimated her weight at 9 oz.

I'm now 20 weeks along and feeling pretty good. The kids (except for Adam, though I'm sure he'll come around) are really excited that we're having a girl. Jenna finally gets her sister. We have gotten rid of most of our baby things over the years, so we will have to re-accumulate everything.

Joel is doing rotations right now so his schedule is changing all the time. He's also been busy studying and working on his capstone. He is pretty good at balancing everything, so we still get to enjoy our time with him.

Life is just going along like normal: busy and fun but not particularly eventful. I'm trying to enjoy this relative calm before the storm of the summer comes when we have the baby and Joel graduates and gets a job. I'll try to find things to blog about so hopefully I won't go so long again without a post. :)