Monday, December 1, 2014

Adam is Seven!

Our Adam is seven years old! His birthday is frequently over Thanksgiving break, and he was sad that he didn't take treats in to his class last year. So this year we made sure he took in lots of treats to share for his birthday on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

On the day of his birthday he opened presents in the morning. I think his favorite was the hot-wheels car that changes color in hot and cold water. 

In the afternoon Adam wanted to go bowling. We played two games, and fun was had by all. I'm going to go ahead and say that our children have inherited their sweet bowling skills from Joel and I. Which is to say, none of us are very good. But it was still fun!

Adam was trying to persuade his ball to drift another way. Hence that funny stance. :)

Jenna helped Audrey bowl when it was Jenna's turn a couple of times. What a good big sister.

After dinner (chicken alfredo: Adam's choice) we had Chocolate Lasagna. I've decided it should just be called chocolate layer desert. It was so good! Adam chose very well!

Happy Birthday to our handsome little boy! He is a lot of fun, and likes to keep things interesting. He can't wait for indoor soccer to start in January. It seems like he's always bouncing a ball, throwing a ball, or catching a ball. He does well in school and his teachers love him. We are lucky to have him in our family! We love you, Adam!


We decided to do something a little different for Thanksgiving this year. Since we'd just had a big thanksgiving dinner a few days before with friends, we decided to try something new! Every person got to pick something they wanted to eat for Thanksgiving, and it worked out really well for the whole day! Here's how it all worked out

William- coffee cake for breakfast
Adam- Goldfish and Oreos for a snack
Mom- Sausage bread and sausage dip for lunch
Dad- Bacon cheeseburgers for dinner 
Jenna- Strawberry pretzel jello dessert

I got pictures of everyone with their chosen dish except for Jenna. Darn it!

After breakfast we started the day right with a Mario-cart tournament on the Wii! It was a lot of fun, and nobody was surprised when Will came in first in that tournament. :)

Adrienne was also able to join us, and we were so happy! She was only able to stay for two days, but it was great to have her here for our non-traditional Thanksgiving.

That was Will's genuine reaction to seeing the tray of food. :) The snacks went pretty quickly; luckily we had plenty of fruit to snack on as well!

Adrienne and Jenna put together our lovely platters for lunch. Not pictured is the sausage dip we dipped those delicious veggies into.

After lunch the kids played Life with Adrienne while I made the dessert for later, and Joel watched football.

The burgers were so yummy! Joel did an amazing job. We also had homemade potato chips. Yum!

After dinner we watched a movie and somehow found room for dessert. It was a really fun day, and hopefully something the kids will remember for a long time.


On the Friday before Thanksgiving this year we decided to get together as friends and have a big "Friendsgiving" Dinner! We all brought a bunch of food, and we had the most delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It's great to have good friends who are all amazing cooks. :)  I think my favorite part was the toast at the beginning where we all went around and said what we're thankful for. Also, did I mention that the food was amazing? Seriously, everything was so good. We even had a table full of delicious pies. It was so fun! Hopefully it's the beginning of a long holiday tradition.

The men got to carve the meat. We had a turkey and a ham! They did a great job.

The boys wouldn't leave their food alone long enough to look at me for a picture. I don't know how I managed to miss a picture of Jenna. I promise she was there. :)