Monday, January 26, 2009

Nothing much

I have been meaning to put something on the blog, but I haven't thought of anything cool to put on, and there isn't anything super exciting going on with us. Just life as usual. :) Joel started working at the hospital last week for his last semester of school. He works whatever days his preceptor works, so we are lucky that she works days. They are 12 hour shifts, so they are long days! Last week (and this week, for that matter) he worked Wed, Thurs, and Friday. He was pretty worn out by Friday night. But he seems to be liking what he is doing, he's enjoyed working with some of the patients, and I'm sure he likes it when he gets to learn something new.

We enjoyed some nice weather last week, but that is now long gone! It started snowing yesterday morning, and snowed for a good part of the day yesterday. We woke up to quite a thick layer on the ground this morning, and frigid temps! Jenna didn't even get to have recess at school because they keep them inside if the temp. or wind chill is below 0, and it has been that low all day today! I think the high was supposed to be 8, and I wonder if it even hit that. Brrr!

On Saturday, before the cold really hit, Joel took the two older kids up to Happy Jack and went sledding with the Elder's Quorum. They had a great time, and Joel got a couple of good pictures that I'll put on. Adam and I didn't go for two reasons: 1: It was during nap time, 2: Adam wasn't feeling well and he was making sure we knew it! He seems to be feeling better, and I think it was due to teething.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Why is it?

Why is it that my 13 month old son will throw his food off of his little tray at mealtime, and then as soon as we get him down he'll go eat the food off of the floor? And why do I let him do it sometimes? Only stuff like cereal, not bananas or anything wet. But still, it baffles me.

Adam got caught under the cupboard, the only door without a childproof lock on it.

Trying to escape after being caught.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Too Much

There is so much to write about, so I'm sure I won't write about much at all. Does anyone else do that? When there is so much to tell you just condence and before you know it you have not said much of anything. This will probably be one of those posts...

Our holidays were absolutely great. We spent Christmas here in Laramie with just us. We are a big enough family now that it is just too much to pack Christmas up. We really enjoy focusing on one another and our time together. The kids had a wonderful time opening presents, as did Joel and I. We got a lot of fun stuff!

The day after Christmas we headed out of town for Mesa, AZ to spend a week with my family. All of my sisters, their families, and my Mom and her husband were in Mesa. The trip down was more eventful than we would have liked. To make a long story short, we lost a side view mirror to a reflector pole (in a blizzard), one child threw up (that's not actually too big of a deal, we are used to dealing with that), and worst of all when we were about 50 miles outside of Mesa, they closed the road due to black ice and accidents (black ice my eye, it was 38 degrees and the road was dry when we drove on it later that night). We tried to detour the way they told us, but that road got closed as well. We ended up having to turn around and go the way we came. It added about 4 and a half hours onto an already extremely long trip. Not fun...

But the time spent there was tons of fun! We took family pictures since we finally had everyone together. We played games, watched movies, ate good food, and did a lot of just hanging out. My kids had a great time playing with their cousins that they don't get to see very often. I didn't take nearly enough pictures, so I didn't get any good cousin pictures. The weather was nice while we were there, so the kids had a great time playing in Aunt Laura's backyard and on the trampoline. I did get a few pictures of that...

Jenna and Aunt Adrienne

Jenna in Uncle Logan's hat.
We were sad to leave, but thankfully the trip home was made successfully. We were, of course, very happy to be home as always. Jenna is back to school, and we are enjoying having Joel home for one more week before he starts his last semester of his undergrad.
Now, I think I've said it before but I'll say it again; I've been a bad blogger, but I will try to be better!