Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just Stuff

I just thought I'd mention a few of the things we've been up to lately. There's not much to report, really.

Joel and I enjoyed his three week break. The weekend before he had to go back to school we were able to go watch AVATAR in 3D IMAX. It was pretty cool! Neither of us have seen a 3D movie before. I was pretty excited that they re-released Avatar in theaters because I missed it the first time around. I also really enjoyed the extra scenes they put in.

I had to snap a few pictures of Will at his new favorite pass time...

About a month ago we got these maps at Costco and hung them up. That really made our house feel like home because we had maps in our old apartment, but they were getting pretty hashed so Joel threw them away when we moved. Will has been studying these maps (mostly the world map) so much in the last few weeks! As you can see he usually pulls over the bench from the table so he can read the names of the countries. He likes to look at a flag, read the name of the country, then find the country on the map.

Adam and I have been enjoying our quiet days together. It's amazing how quiet it is without Joel, Jenna, and Will. It's a good opportunity to get things done; shopping has become much easier.

I know that's not too exciting, but those are a few things that have been going on at our house!