Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of School

This is one of  my favorite days of the year. :) And as much as my kids say they don't want to go back to school, they don't mean it. Jenna was up and ready by 6:30, and Adam was asking if we could leave at 7:30. Keep in mind his school doesn't start until 8:45. :)

So here are the pictures of our 7th grader (Middle School!!!), 4th grader, and 1st grader!

 Audrey didn't want to miss out on the picture action.

Happy Birthday, Jenna!

We have a young woman in the house! And I'm not talking about me. :) Jenna turned twelve this year! Joel was out of town for her birthday because he was on a long camp-out with the young men, so we decided to head to Utah for a couple of days.

Jenna picked her own cake this year. She usually has pretty specific ideas of what she wants, but it was nothing too complicated. She wanted vanilla cake, chocolate filling and frosting, and decorated with white chocolate chips and oreos. I did the cake and the ganache frosting, and she decorated it how she wanted it.

In the afternoon on her birthday we picked up my niece, Brianna, who lives in Provo. We headed to the mall so Jenna could get her ears pierced! I could tell she was nervous, but she was fine and said it wasn't any worse than a shot. I decided to go ahead and pierce mine as well, since mine closed up years ago.

After the mall we went out to dinner at the restaurant of Jenna's choice, which was Outback. Yum!

Then it was back to Adrienne's house for presents and cake. Jenna was pleased with her presents this year (she always is, of course). She got a lot of fun earrings that she'll be able to wear soon, and a variety of other things, including her own Aunt Amy blanket.

The cake ended up being quite delicious, and afterwards we watched Rio 2, which Jenna had gotten for her birthday. She's already gone to Young Women's twice, mutual once, and one youth activity at the lake. I've decided that I really like that Joel is in Young Men's, so he can give her a ride to mutual and keep an eye on her at joint activities. :) 

She's really growing up!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ralph Vernon and Gwen Robertson Family Reunion

This was the very last big Ralph and Gwen Robertson (Joel's great grandparents) family reunion. It took place in Star Valley, WY, so it was conveniently located for Joel and I. We headed up Friday morning (Aug 1). There was quite a lot of family there, although I'm sure there were many more people that were not there. The Ralph and Mary Robertson family was well represented, I think. Though we missed those who couldn't be there.

It was a fun reunion with a lot going on. Joel played in the 3-on-3 basketball tournament. Erin and Eli (Joel's cousin Rachel's husband) were on his team. They even won the tourny! I was proud of my man! :)  Joel and Daniel also participated in the horseshoes tournament. They didn't win that one, but they did well. There was also volleyball and bocce ball. 

The kids had a lot of fun playing with their cousins. Jenna and Elliahna spent a lot of time on the paddle boat on the little pond. The second day we were there my boys were pretty much sopping from playing in the little stream that ran through the ranch. Audrey had fun playing with the kids, though she was sad she couldn't play in the water like they could. She was a little sleep deprived by the end of the reunion, and she was certainly dirty, sweaty, and sticky. But I think she had a lot of fun.

Audrey LOVES her cousin Lydia!!

Friday evening we had a sort of family history program. People got up and talked about some of the Robertson ancestors, told stories, etc. It was an interesting program and I definitely learned some things. I hope my kids actually listened to some of the stories.

Great Uncle David, doing the intro.

 Uncle Eric, playing the pipes.

 Audrey thought the pipes were a little loud.

 Uncle Eric talking about Ralph, his Father, Joel's Grandpa.

Great Uncle John.

 Joel and Daniel talked about their Dad. They did an amazing job, and I thought it was the best part of the night. Of course I cried, and I was happy to hear what they had to say, and more happy that my children got to hear what they had to say.

 Look at that dirty girl! But that soda sure made her happy. :)

Audrey thought the tire swing was nice and relaxing. A great place to eat some licorice.

I'm really happy that we were able to attend this reunion. Especially since it's the last one. We really did have a good time, and it was great seeing those we know, and meeting (for me) the ones we didn't.

The Cabin

We've been hearing about "The Cabin" from the Bades for many years. We've tried to organize trips to go before and have never been successful. Finally, this summer, Sarah and I just made it happen! It helped that our husbands didn't come, so we didn't have to try and coordinate work schedules. Because really, that was always the biggest problem.

We met in Rock Springs, then stopped in Farson for a Big Cone. Yum! The rest of the drive was not bad, except for some rain there at the end, which made the road muddy and rocky. But we made it!

I don't think I'll do a day by day log of the cabin trip. The pictures mostly tell it all. We had a lovely, fun time. The kids had so much fun with their friends, running around outside, shooting bb guns, playing on the rocks, playing on the hammock, and just generally having a fun time. One evening after the kids were in bed Sarah and I walked down to the meadow and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. A different evening we all walked over to a bench that is on the top of a hill and enjoyed yet another beautiful sunset. 

We only had one real injury while we were there: poor Jamison ended up with a fish hook really stuck in his finger. But not to worry, the dynamic duo of Sarah and Sarah put their heads and skills together and that fish hook didn't stand a chance.

Of course for Sarah and I there was much talking, laughing, some reading, napping, eating, and general awesomeness going on. We can't forget the epic game of scrabble that happened (I'm sure I lost, even though we didn't keep score), the night we sat in my van to talk after the kids were in bed because I was too chicken to sit alone outside in the dark while Sarah got her baby to sleep, the time I scared Sarah while she was preparing something in the kitchen, and the fire outside that I'm sure scared all those mountain lions, bears, and wolves away. ;)

We had such a great time, and I can't wait to go again.