Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween, of course!

 Our ward trunk-or-treat was actually on Saturday the 29th, so that's when we did most of our Halloween celebrating. Unfortunately, Jenna had thrown up multiple times on Saturday, so it wasn't looking so good for her. Will, Adam and I ended up going to the first part of the party which was dinner and games. Joel brought Jenna over at the end of the games for the actual trunk-or-treat. Before we left I snapped these pictures.

Adam was, obviously, a cell phone. Will wanted to be a pumpkin, so we settled on a scary jack-o-lantern. I designed the face and put it on the shirt, then we stuffed him up so he could be nice and round. And of course his hair needed to be green for his stem. Jenna was a vampire. She wanted to be a scary vampire, so she had blood coming out of her mouth and black hair. She didn't wear the teeth much at all because they hurt her mouth. :)

Today both kids had parties at school. I helped out in Will's classroom, so Adam got to join in on the fun. I was also there for the parade. A lot of people tried to push Adam's "buttons". He pretended that he didn't like it, but I think he was actually loving the attention!

 Here's Jenna with her friend from class...

I'll admit that Halloween isn't my favorite holiday. I liked it when I was a kid because of the free candy, but now I can buy my own candy and I'm not crazy about costumes. But I'm glad that my kids enjoy it and have fun with it. Now we're done with it for another year! :) On to the good holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Yesterday was another birthday in the Robertson house! William is seven! It's hard to believe he's getting so big and grown up. He requested pizza for his birthday dinner, so homemade cheese pizza it was. 

After dinner he got to video chat with Grandma R!

We invited all the cousins over for a party. After some playing we got right down to business opening presents. He got tons of cool, fun stuff, and I didn't even get pictures of most of it!

We were so happy that Joel got done at work (he's in his second rotation right now) in time for the party!

 After presents was cake, of course. He had a snicker-doodle cake with cinnamon butter cream frosting. It was delicious!

After the party was over and all the cousins left I wanted to make sure to get a picture with my growing up boy! Isn't he so handsome?

We love you, William!!!