Friday, January 8, 2016


Throughout December it felt like my favorite holiday would never come! But come it finally did, and we were all so happy! We spent Christmas Eve eating turkey noodle soup and watching A Christmas Story. Man do I love that movie!

Christmas morning was magical, as always! We all got so many fun and great presents. This was the first year that Audrey really had a grasp on what we were doing. She'd been saying for weeks that she wanted it to be Christmas so she could open her presents. I think everyone was happy when all was said and done! The rest of the day was spent eating, watching movies, doing a puzzle, and playing games. As it should be. 

I didn't get any pictures of New Years, so I'll mention it here. We let the three older kids stay up until midnight with us. We brought mattresses out to the living room floor and got comfortable. We then stayed up late watching movies and eating a lot of food. By midnight most of us were pretty sleepy, or already sleeping. It was a lot of fun and I hope the kids will remember it as a fun night. New Years Day was a lazy affair. Since the mattresses were still on the living room floor we spent a good part of the day laying around, watching Iron Chef and a movie. A great way to start 2016!

Christmas Eve

 This is the only picture I got of Joel. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of him out in the garage, finally able to look under the tarp that he was forbidden from for weeks. Underneath was a new air compressor! He was excited!

 In their new pajamas.

Winter Break

The kids were excited to have a break from school, and I was excited for the sleeping in that I got to do when Winter Break rolled around. There was also lots of sledding in the back yard and gingerbread cookie making, decorating, and eating going on!

A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

On December 12th, Adam got baptized! We are so proud of our Adam and the choices he's made. We feel very blessed to have him in our family, and now as a member of our ward. :)

Grandma and Grandpa K as well as Grandma R came down on Friday before the baptism. Erin, Mycheal, and Dane also came on the Saturday of the baptism. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the family that came to support Adam! Whoops! But we did get a family picture and lots of pictures of Adam.

After the baptism we came back to our house for soup and rolls. Brenda left Sunday morning, and my Mom and Bill left Monday morning. We were happy to have them here for the weekend, and so happy to have them here to support Adam. It was a great weekend!

Bastille Concert

At the beginning of December Jenna and I had to opportunity to go to a Bastille concert in Salt Lake with my sister, Adrienne. We almost didn't go because the concert was on a Monday, and Jenna would have to miss some school. Joel actually talked me into it. He pointed out that we might not have an opportunity to go to a concert together of a band we both love very often. So...

I pulled her out of school early and we hit the road! We went out for dinner first, then hit the concert. There were two opening bands that were pretty good, but the first was pretty great. We'll be keeping our eye out for the band RKDN from now on.

The concert was really great and a lot of fun. Bastille was very good live, and they put on a great show! I think Jenna had a fun time at her first concert. I may have embarrassed her a time or two with my dancing and jumping, but that made it even more fun. :)