Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dane's visit

I'm a little behind on my blogging, so before I can post about Christmas I need to cover the week of Dane's visit! Joel's brother got home from his mission in New Jersey in November. Unfortunately we weren't able to make it up to WY when he got home, so he very kindly came down to Mesa to visit us. Joel finished his second rotation on Dec. 7th, then had testing the 8th and 9th. Dane flew in on the 11th and the fun began. :)

The weather wasn't very cooperative; it rained more in the week that Dane was here than it has the entire time we've lived here. Or at least it felt that way. It wasn't easy to really get outside and do a lot, but we did show Dane Joel's school, eat at Giant Hamburger, drive by the building site of the new Gilbert temple, visit the temple lights at the Mesa temple, and eat at The Cheesecake factory. Joel and Dane also went golfing and hiked Camelback. We watched a lot of movies, and towards the end of the trip we watched a lot of the show 24 on Netflix. I didn't take many pictures at all, which I always intend to do but never do. Blast! 

It was so great seeing Dane again and spending time with him. Adam wasn't so sure about Dane at first; he didn't remember him at all. But by the end of the trip they were pretty good buds. We were sad to see Dane go and we hope we get to see him again soon.

Dane also got to enjoy Will's school concert with us. They had a Christmas themed concert with everybody in pajamas. I didn't bring the real camera so I had to use Joel's phone to snap a few. This was the best that I got. Will did a great job singing the songs and doing the actions!