Monday, November 11, 2013


Happy Halloween! This year we had a witch, a vampire, a doctor, and a pumpkin. Do those costumes look familiar? They should, they've all been worn by someone or other in our family. Halloween was quite chilly this year, (though not snowy, thank goodness) so you can see in the pictures that the children are bundled accordingly.

We took everyone to the Stake trunk-or-treat at the church. Like I said, it was cold, but the kids were fine and they got a lot of candy. Then we came home and let the older three trick-or-treat around the neighborhood all by themselves. All in all, one more successful Halloween over and done with.

Random Stuff

I've got some random pictures that I've been meaning to post.

This was taken months ago when the Bades came to visit us. We had a blast, of course! Audrey and Isaac got along nicely. Sweet babies!

About a month ago Audrey decided to carry around her little bowl of snack in a bread pan. Why? Good question. But it was adorable.

 Adam bought a book from the book fair at his school recently. It came with 3D glasses and has some 3D pictures in it. Doesn't he look so studious? :)

Audrey liked the spaghetti we had for dinner. I'm not sure what she enjoyed more: eating it, or putting it on her head.

William got a Responsibility Award at school the other day. I was very proud of him.

School Pictures

Kindergarten, Third Grade, and Sixth Grade. Wowza!