Saturday, September 24, 2011

More T-ball

I can't promise that this will be my last post about t-ball, but I'll try not to post about every game. :) I did want to get some pictures on here since the video won't be much use in my blog book.

Will did a great job in his game today! Here are a few pictures of him warming up with Joel.

This picture makes me laugh. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I look like when I catch a ball!

He was really great about running to get the balls that the other team hit. Maybe a little too great, we need to make sure that he lets other kids have a chance to get the ball if they are close.

He was also a great hitter today. The first time he was up they didn't pitch it, just used the tee. The next two times they pitched it and he hit them really well! Both were good, solid hits that went pretty far. We're so proud of our little guy!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Will started t-ball last week, but his first game was canceled so today was his first t-ball game! When it started Will was the first one up to bat, and the coaches on the other team started pitching it to him. Joel and I were like, "What the heck, this isn't coach pitch, it's supposed to be t-ball!" Only to each other, of course. Anyway, it turns out that they pitch a few to the kids and then if they don't hit it they use the tee. Here's Will in the second inning, hitting the ball and running to first.

He did a great job in his first game! He hit well, and he did a great job in the field getting grounders and throwing the ball to first. I was pretty impressed with him, actually! It was so much fun to watch, and I think he had a great time. Of course we had to get ice cream cones afterwards to celebrate. :)

I think Joel took some pictures on his phone; I'll try to get a few put on here soon.