Monday, August 24, 2015

Sister's Trip

This July we had our first annual Sister's Trip! The stars must have aligned, because all seven of us were able to be together at the same time at the same place! We all gathered at Adrienne's house to do some awesome and fun redecorating in her living room. 

In two and a half days we went to the Mt. Timpanogos temple together, hiked Stewart Falls, painted two large pieces and one small piece of furniture, arranged a gallery wall, covered new throw pillows, and made and hung curtains, and rearranged all the furniture. We were very busy worker bees! It worked out well that we each have our own strengths, because between all of us we were able to do it all and, I think, do it well. There were a few setbacks and some frustrations, but in the end her living room came together beautifully and it was all worth it! I hope we're able to get together for another sisters trip next year.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cabin Trip

This year, Sarah Bade and I decided to take a girls cabin trip with no kids! Rebels, we are! It turns out it was a wonderful idea, and we had three days to basically just relax. Who doesn't need that!?

The weather wasn't wonderful, which turned out to be okay since Sarah was recovering from knee surgery and couldn't walk much or very far. I did take a couple of walks on my own, and they were beautiful and refreshing. And a little rain never hurt anyone.

We spent plenty of time reading, lots of time talking, a decent amount of time playing games, and of course there were naps. Oh, and let's not forget the eating. 

What we didn't do much of was take pictures, because we were way too busy relaxing. But we did manage to snap a few between the two of us. 

It was a glorious trip, and I love being up in the mountains. Thank you, Sarah, for taking me!



Joel gave the boys some summer haircuts and Adam said he wanted it all shaved off. Joel complied. A few days later I couldn't help but notice the resemblance of these two guys! Aren't they both so handsome!?

Another Baptism and a Birthday!

At the end of June our nephew, Gavin, was baptized in Lovell and we were able to go up for the baptism. It just so happens that Audrey's birthday was the day before the baptism, so we got to celebrate in Cowley!

We can hardly believe that our baby is three years old! She's getting so big, and has so much personality. When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday, she said, "Chwokwate!" (chocolate!) Then I asked what kind of frosting she wanted on the cake, and she said, "chwokwate!" So I asked her what she wanted to be inside of her presents, and she said, "chwokwate!"  She's learned well. :)

We invited over all her cousins and aunts and uncles who live in Lovell and Cowley. We were happy to have Grandma and Grandpa K and Cindy from my side of the family. And everyone but Dane, Erin, and Mycheal from Joel's side. 

We had burgers and hot dogs for dinner, then presents and cupcakes! I think Audrey enjoyed her cupcake, even though it had raspberry frosting instead of chocolate. ;) It was fun to be able to have her birthday with so much family around.

The next evening was Gavin's baptism. I didn't get any pictures of everyone looking nice in our dress clothes, or even of Gavin on his big day. But we were so happy to be there to support him. I played the piano and Joel was a witness. It was a lovely and very spiritual baptism.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Arizona for a baptism

In June the kids and I headed South to Phoenix for my nephew's baptism. Joel had to work, but I was able to stop in Orem to pick up Adrienne who rode down with us. It was great to be able to chat with her on the long drive to Phoenix! It made it go so much quicker!

Of course I was terrible about taking pictures while we were there, so I only have a few. We had a great time! The day after we got there Mary and I took all our kids to the summer movie. There sure were a lot of them all lined up!

We spent a day at Laura's, and a day at Rachel's. We went swimming one morning at Mary's friends house. We helped make and taste many lemon tarts for a wedding Laura was working on. We had a few sisters nights that were not long enough. I do miss sisters night! The kids were pretty enchanted with the Blau's chickens. Unfortunately, there was one less chicken when we left than when we got there. Sad face.

James was baptized Sunday evening with dinner afterwards. It was wonderful, of course, and we were happy we could be there for it.

 At the movie.

 Grandma K told "bedtime stories" one evening.

 I'm not sure what Porter and Audrey are helping Grandmpa K with, but I'm sure they were super helpful.
 Audrey and Isaac were just watching a show on the bed. Cousins.

 At Rachel's house Audrey kept saying "I need to go to the bathroom", then she would back herself onto this little toy house. Turns out there was a tiny toilet in there that she was "using". It was hilarious!
The kids were playing hide and seek at Rachel's, and I had to take a picture of Adam in his hiding place! The funny thing was, the kids were running around so quickly they actually passed him a few times before finding him.

 Grandma and Grandpa with all of the grandkids after the baptism.

 All of Mary's side of the family that came to the baptism.

Random Catch-up

I'm extremely behind on the blog for many reasons. Mostly because we've been busy, also because of some computer problems. It's definitely going to take me awhile to catch up, so I'll start with this post of random pictures I wanted to share.

William took second place in his pinewood derby this year. It was a close one! I think he had a good time!
Audrey was making me laugh in this getup she had on! Isn't she quite the fashionista? My favorite is the shorts under the skirt.

I got some bubbles to play with outside when the weather was warming up. Audrey only let me blow them for her a few times, then she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Adam was playing on Joel's kindle and Audrey wanted to watch. They were so adorable.

Audrey and I went to watch Adam for awhile during field day. Turns out he's actually pretty good with a hula hoop! Then he and his friend Jace were holding up a hoop for the other the jump through. Fun stuff.

At the beginning of summer we finally got a trampoline! It's been loads of fun this summer, and the kids love it!